Our layaway plan is not a credit scheme, but is essentially an agreement to purchase through a schedule of up to eleven monthly payments. The plan helps collectors spread the cost of their purchase. We have crafted this layaway scheme to be fair to our artists, you the client, and to protect us from any legal implications. That means there are terms and conditions, which we want to make sure you understand before entering into any agreement.  

The work is reserved by a 20% deposit. There is a ten-day cooling off period to change your mind, but after this ten days the deposit becomes non-refundable. The balance of payment is equally split into a maximum of ten further monthly payments, the first due on the last Wednesday of the month following the initial deposit. Layaway payments are run on the last Wednesday of every month, unless and alternative date is agreed. The work is reserved for the client, but ownership of the work does not transfer in any part until the payment plan is complete. Brumfield Gallery LLC will retain the artwork until the final payment has cleared. If you change your mind during the layaway plan we will credit you any payments made over and above the initial 20% deposit. The deposit will be retained in recompense for the work being made unavailable to other clients during the  period of the payment plan. Shipping costs will be agreed before the commencement of the plan and will be added to the final payment. 

Terms & Conditions

  • The full price will be divided into equal monthly payments, with the first payment due at signing. 
  • Layaway payments are charged to a saved debit or credit card automatically on the last Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise agreed, and a statement is sent by email following payments.  
  • The purchaser has a period of ten days following the first payment to cancel this agreement and receive a full refund. Following this cooling off period the initial payment of 20% of the full purchase price becomes a Non-Refundable deposit.
  • If shipping is required on completion of this agreement this will be added to the final payment.
  • Payments should be made no later than 14 days of the due date or the gallery may terminate this agreement and the full balance will become immediately due.
  • The customer retains the right to pay off the layaway balance early with no penalty.
  • The customer retains the right to cancel the layaway agreement at any time, but following the initial ten-day cooling off period the Non-Refundable deposit will be retained.
  • If the buyer is experiencing difficulty in paying they should contact Brumfield Gallery, LLC, as an alternative agreement may be possible.
  • If the buyer moves, it is their responsibility to inform Brumfield Gallery, LLC of their new contact details.
  • Brumfield Gallery, LLC will make reasonable efforts to contact the buyer before terminating the agreement. However, if the buyer is in default and fails to respond to our correspondence within 90 days past the due date of the first missed payment, this agreement will be terminated and the buyer relinquishes legal recourse in retrieving any payments made as part of this agreement, and will have no claim of ownership of the artwork.



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