We are always happy to see new work and welcome your submissions, but you should know that we rarely take new artists unless they tick all the boxes for us. Before sending a submission look at the work we show and make sure you feel you would fit in, and that we would be a good fit for you. We rarely, if ever, show abstract work, and with one notable exception, we are generally not drawn to photography based work. We like narrative painting, ceramic and mixed media sculpture and printmaking. Selection is based on:


  • Our taste - We need to be really excited about the work, not just appreciate that it is quite nice or skillfully done. If we don't get excited about your work, brush it off. We are just two opinions in a sea of arbitrary judgement.
  • Consistence of quality - We generally show mid career and established artists who have found their voice. We will consider emerging artists when their work reflects a mature approach and confidence.
  • Price point - We hate that this is a factor, but unfortunately the way people view pricing is within the context of the other work shown adjacent. Most of the work we show falls in the $800 - $5,000 range. We are working on our profile to facilitate the development of the upper end of our market and have some work in the $5000 - $10000 range. We are particularly interested in artists that meet the above criteria and whose work has an established market price falling in the $3000 -$10,000 range.

How To Send A Submission

Do not cold call the gallery. We will not look at your work if you do this. If you give us a business card in the gallery, follow it up with an email - we lose business cards. 

We like you to send your initial submission by email to info@brumfieldgallery.com. This should have a link to your website, if you have one, and/or a collection of images. We are looking for a cohesive collection of around six - ten recent works, preferably work that is available. If you are sending a link to your website make sure it is up-to-date with your most recent work. If you are sending images, please make sure they are not huge files. Images should be at least 400px wide, but no larger than 1000px wide. You can include information about yourself, a CV and artist statement if you like. We are most interested in seeing good images at this initial stage. If we like your work we will strike up a conversation. 



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